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Glass Artist, Educator, Life Enthusiast

Life is short, make what you can of it! 

The power of being able to create has helped me through a lot of turns in the road of life.... and there is still this never ending drive to CREATE!!!

I myself, was born and raised in Wisconsin.  After a short break from life, and with some self reflection, I decided to take a stained glass class....and got HOOKED! After locking myself away, and working endlessly on my creations, I asked  for a job at a local studio and now, 15+ years later, it’s all I do! The world of glass has come full circle for me.  It’s made me into a nationally known teacher, and I enjoy teaching/inspiring full time at a well known glass studio in Wisconsin. Anything from restoration, to custom design. If anything, glass has taught me a lot of life lessons, one being patience.  I really enjoy repair/restoration work, the historical and sentimental value is very gratifying!  People take sanctuary under those windows.. they help shed light into others lives.... there’s always this ambience associated with stained glass and glass in general. its captivating!!!

My significant other, life partner and backbone Shaina, also works with me full time helping create and coordinate along the way (somehow finding time to create more after hours!). She completes my wheel.


All in all... the power and ability to be able to create is inspiring in itself, let alone the fact someone could find your creation a century from now... or maybe it could be adorned in a museum to inspire all. 

Just create cause no one else is creating what YOU ARE! 
Let go of your inhibitions, capture your aspirations, continue to push the limits of imagination and cherish your creations.

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